In most of the companies I worked for before Taxdoo, I had clear ambitions to pursue a career and chose that role to become more successful – it was one of the crucial motivating forces. My motivation to start at Taxdoo was to find an employer where I felt comfortable, appreciated and where my strengths could be fostered – and I found it.

Not even 2 years later, I have made the biggest step in my professional career yet. Without having to compromise on a single one of my original motivating factors for my start at Taxdoo. It was an organic development made possible by a management, which not only understood my terms and demands, but actually lived up to them.

I look at developments in the company with the eyes of a marketeer, with experience from sales and my HR expertise, and from time to time add a dash of motherly care.

In the next quarter, our focus will be on changing the perspective of our work in the People Team. We need to think of our initiatives as products that we offer to different customer groups – and how these must be designed to convince and provide proper services. Employees are our existing customers, applicants and interested parties are potential customers. We will implement a rethought customer-first strategy – including relevant surveys and reviews of the products our team has already released. That’s how we will better align and prioritize our initiatives to the needs of our internal customer base. And if necessary, drop products and develop better ones.

Also, leadership is a central topic: Even though hierarchies are still quite flat and communication takes place at eye level, we are currently establishing new management levels to correspond with Taxdoo’s growth. Our leadership team will be trained for this.

In addition, I will focus on training myself to become a better leader and mentor for my team. Because in the end:

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. – Phil Jackson

I’m Imke, 40 years old, mother of two and VP of People & Culture at Taxdoo!

In conclusion: We are always looking for new Taxdeerns and Taxdudes to join us – remotely or in our beautiful office in Hamburg. Our team comes from a range of backgrounds, and we put emphasis on diversity. Even if you’re not entirely sure whether you tick all the boxes below, please apply – we’d love to hear from you. We’re at least as interested in your potential as we are in your experiences. Take a look at our job openings here!